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We're not just changing the game; we're redefining scholarships for tomorrow

Your dreams start with scholarships.

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What We Do?

Our focus is on the student's success and development. AGDK is an educational powerhouse founded and led by a student who won nearly a quarter million dollars in scholarships.


At AGDK, our vision is, every student debt free, every dream within reach.

College to Corporation

What started as a school assignment turned into a company dedicated to helping students on their educational journey.


Established partnerships worldwide.


TRiO X Call Me MiSTER X Local Organizations.

Professional Branding

It's not just about the cash – scholarships are your key to gaining professional opportunities.


We're closing the gap between winning scholarships and making them count for your career.


Educating students on scholarships reveals how these opportunities not only fund education but also shape future careers.


Scholarship Literacy

Scholarships are the same as sports. In order to be successful, you must understand the roles.


Personal Development

Scholarships are the cornerstone for a promising journey toward personal growth and professional prowess. At AGDK, we take pride in providing students with the launching pad they need for a stellar beginning.


Student Ownership

Students embrace autonomy in their learning journey, seizing control of their education. Through interactive educational resources and strategic planning.

Our Impact

Hear from our CEO

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